Fantasy Role-Playing: Simple & in Your Phone!

Build worlds and lead a story as a Game Master or create a hero as a Player!

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Use It With Your Group or Get Matched With Players Worldwide!

A campaign tends to be more satisfying when the whole group enjoys it. We can connect you with like-minded players based on your roleplaying preferences like combat / exploration / roleplaying and more.  

Invite friends and optionally list the game as open to new players to enlist. Then assemble the dream party out of the most interesting characters and the most like-minded players!

Trouble scheduling sessions? Play continuously.

Do not spend time syncing schedules and planning sessions. You can play pretty much all-day via chat.  

Or try Live Mode! Use it during a videocall or as a tool at the table. When the session is over, the GM writes up a summary. You can continue playing via chat or wait until the next session.

Fewer Rules and Calculus, More Story

Our game mechanics are compatible with the 5th edition of the world’s most famous roleplaying game. It’s built upon the Open Gaming License and System Reference Document published by Wizards of the Coast.  

However, we’ve tried to automatize everything we could. New players wouldn’t even notice there are any rules at all. It all happens in the background.


Players and GMs can select from a variety of dice. You can roll them by shaking your phone. You can of course also roll with real dice and just operate with it.

Ability Checks and Saving Throws Setup

You just select who is rolling (player/s, NPC/s), which ability is relevant, if there is an applicable skill bonus, how difficult the challenge is and if there is a (dis)advantage. Done! Now a new roll is generated for the player automatically.

Custom Rolls and Saved Formulas

Combine any die and create your own formulas. They’re automatically saved so you don’t have to create them from scratch every time

Combat Made Easy!

Players control their characters, the GM controls enemies, allies, and the environment. Battles are turn-based.

The Just-Right Challenge

Before starting a fight, the GM can see how challenging it will be for players. A chance for a party victory or the total party kill is estimated. 

5-feet Square Grid

All distances and movements are being tracked automatically including spell/weapon ranges and areas of effect.

The initiative, Armor Class, Hit Points

All stats are being tracked automatically too. You can still secretly edit enemies’ HPs if you need them stronger or weaker during the fight.

Characters’ features at hand

All available actions for a character are shown to players at the right time, so they can make the best use of their abilities, spells, items, and features.

Not a classical RPG fight!

You can still use the chat during combat to create it more interesting. When a character defeats an enemy, the enemy is not just killed.  

Throughout the fight you can still use the chat, of course, to describe how your glorious warrior slices up the goblin into a bloody mess. Or how your kind cleric just knocks them out with a staff. 


Step-by-step Character Builder

Even a completely new player can create a character without breaking a sweat now. Pick a race, build an avatar, write up a background, equip yourself, multiclass… and much more! 

Game Master

Manage Player’s Stats and Inventory

Attach stats/inventory changes to messages. They’re applied once the message is sent.

Select Who Can See Your Messages

Players are separated or some have a higher perception? Both the GM and players can whisper to others.

Railroad or Sandbox, the Map Is Ready!

You can customize both world maps and location maps. You can put your players to any area or you can just leave them in the world map view and play there so there is more space for a theater of the mind experience.

Contextual Campaign Notes

Game Masters can create prep notes. Link them together and stick them on the map. You can create an unlimited number of possible storylines this way. It’s almost like a gamebook. Players can’t see them.

NPC Creator

Build NPCs with extensive backgrounds and characteristic personalities. Or just use quick NPC templates like Commoner, Knight, Noble and more. You can even send messages as an NPC.

Play Music and Sound Effects

All your players will hear it (they can mute it if it annoys them).  

You can combine it with non-musical sound effects such as clashing of swords or a raging fire.  

You can also control weather and switch between day and night!

Ever Growing Library of Content

Our art teams will provide you regularly with new assets to play with!  

Build more interesting locations, prepare action-packed fights and give your players rarer items!

Ready-made Locations & Adventures

Too busy creating your own lore and quests? Fireball's content team will publish regularly new quests and new locations you can immerse your players in.  

You can still edit them and adjust everything for you and your group!


Browse Games and Subscribe

You can watch any campaign played publicly! If it’s a really captivating story, you can subscribe and comment!  

Do you like the performance of Game Master or a Player? Give them Roleplaying Points! They can use them to get content from the library.  

Review and Be Reviewed

Do you like the one player who has REALLY GOOD roleplaying skills? Go to his or her profile and give 5 stars on imagination, creativity and activity. Leave a nice comment too!  

It’s public, so other Game Masters can put it into consideration when accepting new players to their games.

We Bring Role-Playing To Mobile Gaming!

We believe the joy of imagination beats the numbness of popping balloons, flapping birds, and crushing candies. There is nothing wrong with casual games, BUT… you don’t really experience them. You turn your mind off completing level after level.  

Roleplaying is different. It’s a new experience in mobile gaming - group storytelling. It’s like reading an enchanting book, but you’re the hero. The next chapter isn’t written until you prove yourself with your decisions, your skills, and your moral code.

We’re Just A Few Friends Working Together in a Basement

We love roleplaying games! Our favorite is D&D (5th Edition), but we also like Pathfinder, Shadowrun or Fate. We have a 4h+ session every week. No other gaming experience compares to it. But we feel like the rules are too complicated and they tend to stand in a way of what most people enjoy the most - the story.  

Our goal is to create the best tool possible for collaborative story-telling. We want to empower game-masters and enchant players. We want to help millions of amazing adventures to happen!