Dead Man’s Game

What Is This Adventure

Fireball Shorts are super short adventures designed for a 20-30 min role-playing session played at the table or via an audio or video call. The party size is three players and the Game Master.

How to Play It

1. Find three friends you want to be playing it with for 20-30 mins.
2. Each member of the group rolls D20. The one with the highest number will be the Game Master. If there is a tie, there is a second round of rolling.
3. The GM gets List A, the second-highest roller gets List B, the third-highest roller gets List C, the lowest roller gets List D.
4. Everyone has 5 minutes to look over their lists and learn the short adventure or their character’s goal.
5. Then the adventure starts. Have fun!
6. The GM ends the campaign in 20-30 mins.


  • Don’t look into PDFs before the campaign starts! Those PDFs contain spoilers or info designed for other players or the GM.
  • Don’t spend time on session zero. All necessary information is in PDF lists.
  • Feel free to use any supporting materials and tools such as dice or rulebooks.

Feedback & Reward

Shorts are a new concept, and we would be incredibly grateful if you let us know what you like about it and what is there to improve! Would you please let us know at We will send Early Access to all people who will provide us with feedback!

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