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Basics & Kickstarter

Basics & Kickstarter

❓What is Fireball RPG exactly?

👉 It’s a fantasy chat role-playing platform. Imagine 5 people telling a story together.  

Game Master narrates: “You, four heroes, finally opened the door, the room is on fire, smoke is everywhere.”  

One of the players responds: “Uh! I hold my nose and slowly proceed into the building.”  

Game Master: “As you proceed you can see a silhouette of… an orc! He is laying on the ground, his sword next to him.”  

Another player: “Is he breathing?…”  

And we could go on and on. The Game Master is the narrator and referee, players role-play their characters by describing what they do and what they say. Sometimes you roll a dice to see the outcome of an action, sometimes you battle. You play it on mobile. The most important thing is you have fun with your friends!

❓Who are you, guys?

👉 We’re a small gaming studio in the beautiful historic city of Prague. We love role-playing (we play every week) and we want to bring to mobile gaming.  

You can find us in the right sidebar on the user list. Look for Designers, Artists, Community Managers, and Developers! Feel free to ask us anything anytime!

❓What adventure can I play?

👉 Any fantasy adventure you can imagine! You can create any world and any campaign you like. There are really no limits to the story.

❓How many people do I need to start playing?

👉 There should be at least two people - the Game Master and one player. One person is narrating the world, the other is role-playing the character.  

The best adventures happen when there are 3-5 players. A greater party dynamic tends to be there.  

Playing with more players sometimes feel a little overcrowded, but it’s definitely possible. We recommend it for more experienced Game Masters.  

If you don’t have anyone to play it with, don’t worry! We can match you with like-minded role-players.

❓How much time do I need to play this?  

👉 It’s totally up to you. You can find people who are less active or you can role-play nonstop. The pace is very flexible and it differs group by group.

❓ Will Fireball be free?

👉 It is! You can get a great experience from Fireball and not pay a nickle. Just download it, once it’s released, and have fun!

❓Is this released yet? When is the release?

👉 We’re far, but there is still a lot of work ahead of us. After Kickstarter, there will be a few months of Alpha and Beta testing. We’re pretty sure we’ll release Fireball in Autumn or Winter, but for now, we’d like to not promise anything.  

Early access will open during Summer to our Kickstarter Backers.

❓ Is there a Kickstarter campaign? Can I donate?

👉 Thank you for your interest! We’re doing a Kickstarter campaign to show our private investors that role-playing CAN WIN over casual games and THERE IS demand. We’re launching our campaign on April 2nd. We know there is hard work behind every dollar and we will be very grateful for every single pledge!  

If you’re planning to back us, tell us on Discord and we will add you to our list of backers, who are receiving exclusive behind the scenes content.

❓ Can I join testing? Will there be an Alpha or Beta version?

👉 You definitely can and we will be grateful for every tester! Our Kickstarter backers will get their hands on it first during Summer. Then we’re planning to gradually increase the number of people in early access.  

You’ll be able to test it out with your friends or an existing party. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. We’ll match you with other roleplayers.

❓ Can I play Fireball without any role-playing experience?

👉 Sure you can! That’s what makes us unique. All complicated rules and mechanics are calculated in the background, so you can start adventuring right away, without any knowledge of the rules or experience with role-playing before. 

Gameplay & Mechanics

❓ What about home-brewing? Will I be able to upload my content?

👉 Currently, we think we won’t allow users to upload their content. We’d like to keep the visual style of our game consistent and high-quality. However, you will be able to choose from thousands of items, monsters, map objects, spells, abilities and more.  

We’re also planning to receive your requests! You’ll be able to send us what you want and vote on the ideas of others. We’ll create the thing for you.  

This doesn’t mean you can’t homebrew with Fireball! You can still create any world you like to the smallest detail. There will be a map editor, NPC builder, and quest notes.

❓ How often can I expect new content in Fireball?

👉 We’re going to update Fireball with new content most probably on two weeks basis. This will also depend on how many illustrators we’ll be able to hire.  

You can expect new classes, races, monsters, items, quests, maps and more.

❓ Is there or will be a sci-fi version of Fireball? Or any different genre?

👉 We don’t want to stick to fantasy forever! Once the Fireball platform experience is polished and we know people love it, we can scale to more genres.  

We’d love to create more! For example sci-fi, steampunk, detective or anime versions of Fireball excite us a lot!

❓ Is there going to be content I know from D&D?

👉 We’re building our content upon D&D 5th Edition SRD. Most things you know from D&D will be there, but some, like Beholder, will be missing. It’s an intellectual property of the Wizards of the Coast, the D&D publisher.  

Don’t worry! We plan to have thousands of monsters, items, spells, abilities and more. We’re going to update the content regularly.

❓ What race can I select for my character? What class?

👉 We’re going to include all races and classes you know from classic Dungeons & Dragons!  

Races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Gnome, Dragonborn and Tiefling.  

Classes: Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Warlock and Wizard.  

After the release, we plan to update this list with new interesting options to choose from! Right now we can promise you orc, goblin and more.

❓ Are there going to be pre-made adventures?

👉 Yes! Not every Game Master has time for home-brewing. We respect that and we will provide you with a bunch of pre-made adventures. These are custom maps and sets of notes linked together.  

You’ll be able to pick a pre-made adventure based on your role-playing preferences e.g. RP-heavy or combat-heavy. They will be also categorized by the party’s level, their experience, play-time and more.  

Some adventures will be one-shots, usually, for free, some will be longer and more complex and will cost small amounts of money, but even they will be at least partly free.

❓ Can I create an adventure for Fireball and share it with the community?

👉 Oh, yeah! We’d like to hear this. We welcome every new content-creator. Get in touch at We will read your story and if it’s captivating and great, as all our stories hopefully will be, then we’ll be glad to pay you for it and to offer our community to play.  

You’ll, of course, get all the credits as a writer and creator. 

❓ What system do you use? Is this a D&D or D20 system?

👉 We’re building our platform upon D&D 5th Edition System Reference Document published by Wizards of the Coast under Open Gaming License.  

All basic mechanics are there and it will feel almost identical to the Dungeon and Dragons you know.  

However, we will still need to develop a lot of new original rules, and original content outside of the System Reference Document. The advantage is, we can update the app with new rules regularly and we can create them together as a community. We don’t need to wait for a new edition to be published once in a few years.

❓ Do you plan to implement other systems?

👉 We sometimes get a request to implement rules of Pathfinder, Starfinder, Vampires: The Masquerade, Apocalypse, Fate, D&D 3.5 (no one wanted 4th edition) and other systems.  

We’d love to do it, but there are two key things in the way.  

First, licenses to these systems tend to have a 6-figures paycheck attached to them. For this amount of money, we can create so much new content and improve Fireball in general.  

Second, our vision is to create a role-playing platform, where rules are in the background. A person who never heard about D&D or Pathfinder would join and never even realize there are rules in place. They just work. We think this will lower the entry barrier to role-playing and might introduce it to a larger audience.  

This doesn’t mean we won’t help you. There are going to be custom rolls, for sure, and custom stats, probably. This way you can basically play any system you want. 

❓ Can I create my own rules and mechanics?

👉 You can make use of custom rolls in Fireball! You can roll any die you want, add any variable, +/- operators and create your own formulas this way. They’re saved and ready to be reused at any time.  

Later, we might implement custom stats, which will enable you to go beyond.

❓ Do I need to schedule sessions?

👉 You have two options to role-play.  

You can use a chat widget. Then you can play non-stop, all-day, all-night, no time limits, any situation.  

Or you can make use of our Live Mode. The chat disappears. You can still edit stats, manage items, view and edit maps, battle and roll. Connect 3rd party apps for voice/video calling or play in-person at the table. Fireball then becomes your role-playing tool.

❓ Do you support voice and video chatting?

👉 You can use our Live Mode to turn off chat and make use of the rest of the app via audio/video or in-person.  

Currently, you need to use a 3rd party service for communication. You can still edit stats, manage items, view and edit maps, battle and roll with Fireball.  

It’s a little bit hard for us to implement the functionality now. We’re focusing more on game mechanics and overall performance currently. However, it doesn’t mean it will never be there!

❓ I don’t have any friends to play with

👉 Don’t worry! There will be a game-player matching! You can find your dream group and play with them.  

We’ll connect you with people based on your language, timezone, role-playing preferences (RPing, Combat), genre preferences (Action, High/Low Fantasy, Political, Mysterious…), your availability to play and your experience.  

Role-playing is ultimately about making friendships and we will connect you with people you will have the most fun with!

❓ Can I play it with my friends?

👉 Yes, and it’s super easy! You create a new campaign with one tap and then you send invites to any user you want.  

They’ll get the invitation and they can join with one of their characters.

❓ Can I play Fireball on my computer or tablet?

👉 Right now we’re focusing mainly on mobile because it’s the biggest computing platform out there and growing.  

We understand some things like editing maps or creating quest notes may be easier on desktop. We have it in our feature backlog and we definitely plan to get to it one day.

❓ What happens when the Game Master leaves?

👉 When the Game Master, the creator of the campaign, leaves, the campaign is over.  

Your character is safe! When the campaign ends, you still have your character and you can even join a new campaign with a new game master with the character.  

We plan to include an option to transfer ownership of the campaign so different game master picks it up.

❓ What happens when a player leaves?

👉 The Game Master can manage players at any time. You can remove a player from a campaign or invite a new one. 

Microtransactions & Ads

❓ What will be beyond a paywall? What free content will be available?

👉 Our core value is the game needs to be super fun and playable while still totally free. Thousands of free items, spells, abilities, maps, quests, and character customizations will be there available for your campaign. All base features will be also free to use.  

If you want to have your campaign even more interesting, you can get bonus content. These will be rarer resources for Game Masters mostly. You’ll also be able to get cool pre-made quests, special music packs, character customizations and more. 

❓ Is your microtransaction model Pay to Win?

👉 Hell no. First, we probably feel the same way you do, we don’t like the model. Second, it doesn’t even make sense for a role-playing platform. Winning is having fun with your friends. It’s hard to pay for something like that. Only your character’s love, care and attention to others will do that.  

Pay-to-Win wouldn’t even work. Game Master is the one who sets up the difficulty of his campaign. Winning a quest in one GM’s campaign can be much harder than winning it in a campaign of a different GM.

❓ Is there going to be a monthly subscription? What it will include?

👉 We plan to offer a Dragon Pass, which will unlock all platform content as long as the pass is active. This might change in the future, once we learn more.

❓ Are there going to be ads in the app?

👉 We are currently inclined to not putting ads to Fireball. We feel like it might be ruining immersion. If we release, and people will be getting less bonus content than we expect, we might start running ads to cover base costs of our operations. However, the app will never be ads-heavy. We’re not fans of annoying popups either.