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Casual mobile games, like Candy Crush, dominate the market. We believe role-playing can beat them. We believe the joy of imagination beats the numbness of flapping birds and crushing candies.

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What is Fireball RPG?

Fireball is a mobile fantasy role-playing platform. Game Masters and Players experience thrilling fantasy adventures together on their phones.

How is it different from classic Tabletop RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons?

We love role-playing games. We have a 4 hour D&D session every week and we're enjoying it so much.  

Still, we think there are problems with it. It's difficult for people to learn the rules. Syncing our schedules for playing is also a pain. 80% of people who'd to try it have no to play with.  

The most innovative thing about our platform is it handles the rules for you. You can just enjoy the story, roll, and battle, while all the calculations are done in the background. A person who never even heard of any RPG would be able to join and play immediately.  

You can use Fireball as a digital tool at the table, or you can play continuously via chat. No matter where you are, you can always dive into the adventure with your friends. There is no need for syncing schedules anymore.  

You can invite your friends to Fireball, or you can get connected with the right game or player. We can match people based on their role-playing preferences such as genre.

Why we're building it?

We believe the joy of imagination beats the numbness of popping balloons, flapping birds, and crushing candies.  

We believe if we make roleplaying more simple and accessible, we can make it even more popular and get even more people into it. And that would be just great, right?

When it's released?

The first early access opens for our Kickstarter backers in Summer 2020. Other people who signed up at FireballRPG, but didn’t back us before will get their access a few months later. The full experience will be released by the end of 2020.  

The app will be available on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

How much does it cost?

Our core value is the game needs to be super fun and playable while still totally free. Thousands of free items, spells, abilities, maps, quests, and character customizations will be there available for your campaign. All base features will be also free to use.  


Jan Roose

+ 1 (628) 900-3306 


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David, Co-Founder & Lead iOS Developer

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Chris, Lead Artist

Jan, Co-Founder & CEO / Lead Designer

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