Fireball is Free-to-Play and Always Will Be

We want as many people as possible to try the app and enjoy role-playing with their friends, so it doesn’t make sense for us to limit access by making Fireball a premium app. That’s why we’re dedicated to keeping Fireball free-to-play.

Fire Pass

If you want cool benefits and extra content, unlock your Fire Pass: a subscription to Fireball.

Unlimited Number of Campaigns

Run or play in any number of campaigns simultaneously! With the free-to-play version you can only play two campaigns at once.

More Characters & Options

Create as many characters as you want and use bonus character builder assets to customize them even more!

Full Library of Resources

Enhance your campaigns with extra written and graphics content in our library of resources!

Custom Chat Backgrounds

Upload your own unique images, such as your hand-drawn map or a photo of your backyard, to appear as the game chat background!

⚠️ Information for Kickstarter Backers

Prepaid Character Builder and World Builder Passes will be converted to Fire Pass fairly. More info soon.

Fire Gems

If you don’t want to subscribe but still want to enjoy some benefits, never fear!
Fire Gems are Fireball’s in-game currency, which you can use to get special content for
both Game Masters and Players.